Directory of Private Money Lenders

Use this list to find a private lender that best fits your needs. We only list direct hard money lenders.
  • RCN Captial

    RCN Capital has been in business since 2010 and is licensed to provide hard money loans in 44 states. They claim that all their lending decisions are made in house and because of that, you can expect a loan to close in as quick as 10 days. RCN offers fix and flip loans with a 12 month payoff term that can be extended in certain situations. Other loan programs include buy-to-rent rental financing of 24 months and long term rental financing of up to 30 years.

  • The Norris Group

    The Norris Group is a longtime leader in offering California Hard Money Loans. They claim to provide millions of dollars a month to clients throughout California. Their loan options range from traditional one-year rehab flip loans with interest rates at around 10% to build to flip loans with an LTV of up to 65% of future value. The Norris Group also provides rental refinance programs that carry a term of 3 years.

  • Anchor Loans

    Anchor claims to be the national leader of private financing for fix and flip loans. They’ve been in business for over 2 decades and have funded nearly 35k loans. Anchor has long specialized in property rehab loans and construction loans, mostly for single family residents of under 4 units. Their fix and flip loans have an average 9 month term with rates of anywhere from 9 to 13%. Anchor offers hard money loans in 47 states as of 2022.

  • Trilion Capital

    Trilion claims to be the leading provider of private money loans in the Southern California area. They have been around since 2010 with hundreds of loans funded to date. Trilion will give you a preliminary quote in about five minutes with a pre-approval letter if necessary. Funding amounts will range from 50k to over 2 million with payoffs that can stretch from 4 months to a year. They primarily fund fix and flip deals, commercial properties and rehab loans.

  • Stratton Equities

    Stratton Equities is one of the largest hard money lenders in the country and as of 2021 they offer funding for non-qualified mortgages and standard hard money loans in 46 states. Their featured stated income loans can max out at 85% LTV with rates that are around 4.4%. They also offer foreclosure bailouts, rental loans and no doc mortgage loans. Stratton’s primary hard money loan rate starts at 7% and they claim an average time to close in 21 to 36 days.

  • Pacific Private Money

    Pacific claims to be one of the most well established and quickest growing companies in the private lending marketplace. They’ve been around for over a decade and specialize in funding real estate transactions throughout Northern California. Their current focus is on owner occupied, construction and commercial loans. They have no upfront fees with a general closing time frame of 6-15 days in most scenarios.

  • Equinox Home Financing

    Equinox offers same day approvals on hard money loans in California. They claim a 3 business day funding window once the file is complete with interest rates that start at around 8%. Equinox has no limits when it comes to the number of properties you own and past bankruptcies or foreclosures shouldn’t be an issue. They fund 1st and 2nd trust deed private money loans in California of up to $5 million.

  • Capital Funding Financial

    Capital is the newest company to our private money lender directory. They mainly handle properties in the state of Florida and feature 7 different lending programs. Capital Funding was also recently named the #1 hard money lender in Florida. They just rolled out a featured commercial financing program with rates as low as 4%. This is a bridge loan for assets like retail, mixed use, office industrial and agricultural.

  • Equity Wave Lending

    Equity Wave has been in business since the early 90’s, and they claim to have lent out well over 3 billion dollars. They’re primary focus is in California where they offer private real estate loans on any type of property from $100k to over $2,000,000. Per their website, Equity has one of the fastest processing times in the State, with money available in 1-2 weeks for approved loans. They also have an interesting finance program that’s geared towards foreign nationals who may not have an established FICO or Social Security information.

  • Texas Hard Money Pros

    As you can probably tell by the name, this online lender focuses exclusively on Texas residents interested in private money financing. They feature a variety of programs such as Fix and Flip, 2nd Trust Deeds, and Commercial Refinance Loans. As the focus is on only one state, they can work through many financing scenarios and promise 24 hour docs with same day underwriting in most cases.

  • Level 4 Funding

    Level 4 is a direct hard money lender that seems to focus on consumers in Arizona and Texas. Per their site, you can get written approval in 24-48 hours with funding in a matter of days. Interest rates will start in the high 7’s and you can expect a payoff term of 2 months to 4 years. They specialize in trust deed investing and commercial finance loans. Level 4 Funding claims to have provided over 30 million to applicants over the past few years.

  • North Coast Financial

    North Coast has been operating in California since the early 80’s. This company is based in San Diego, but they work with borrowers all throughout the state. Per their website they focus on fix and flip, investment property, and bridge loans. Besides residential funding they can also handle commercial deals. North Coast will also consider funding owner occupied private money loans in the right situation.

  • Civic Financial

    Civic is a direct hard money lender in Southern California. They primarily offer fix and flip and buy & hold loans. They claim to have fast processing times as they do all underwriting in house and handle all appraisals. Applicants will need to show at least 5 months of interest payment reserves and a sufficient down payment. Civic has no FICO or credit requirements for hard money loans. They also lend to LLC’s and provide financing for many real estate deals upon request.

  • GoTitleLend

    This online lender is different from all the private money lending companies listed here. Instead of taking out a hard money loan you have the option of using a car title as collateral for a loan. With a secured loan you can get approved quickly and having a poor credit score isn’t really a concern. A secured lender is able to approve you in one business day and you can often cash out up to 65% of the vehicle’s value. Because of their fast processing and limited credit requirements, these types of loans can be a viable option for someone who’s also considering a hard money loan.

  • Arixa Capital

    Arixa Capital is a California private money lender that claims to have over 350 investors that will provide funds for your lending needs. They’ve been in business since 2006 and feature a variety of real estate financing options. Besides their California hard money loans, they also provide commercial financing and non owner occupied funding for a rehab loan. Arc specializes in funding for California residents, but they also provide services in many western states.

  • HLM Investments

    HLM is a direct private money lender in business for over 15 years that specializes in hard money loans and trust deed investments. They currently serve the states of Nevada and California and handle direct loans that range from about 100k to well over 5 million. Interest rates start at 6.5% and they claim that foreclosures and bankruptcies won’t be an issue. Their primary focus is on non owner occupied properties and ground up construction.

  • PB Financial Group

    PB Financial has provided direct funding in California for over a decade with well over 2,300 loans funded. They claim to look past an applicant’s past credit issues and instead focus on the property’s equity and repayment qualifications. Their hard money loans range from $30,000 to $3 million or higher, with rates that start at about 8%. They may be able to finance your project even if there’s an active foreclosure or bankruptcy.

  • Evoque Lending

    Evoque specializes in all types of residential and commercial lending with a focus on California private money lending. They’ve been in business for over 14 years and specialize in the Southern California market. Poor credit is not an issue with their hard money program and you can expect a window of 8-12 days to close a loan. Rates will vary with each independent lending circumstance and you can borrow up to 70% of current equity.

What Is A Hard Money Loan, And Why Would I Need One?

Hard money loans can go by a few different names. They are referred to as private money loans and bridge loans. All these other names refer to the same specific type of loan secured by real property. Most companies require borrowers to present an income-generating property. Companies and unaffiliated investors often issue these loans. As you can expect, this financing rate is higher than traditional mortgages and real estate loans. Most lenders listed here claim to provide interest rates between 7 and 14%. These finance rates depend on various factors, including the amount of collateral and the ability to repay the loan. While these rates are high, they represent the risk taken on by private investors willing to lend their funds. Private money loans will typically mature in a much shorter period as well. The best hard money lenders will have rates that fall within certain limits.

Why would I need a private money loan?

You won't need to seek private lender funding for your real estate deals in an ideal situation. Most real estate borrowers will use a traditional lender that affords them low rates and more favorable payment terms. This type of financing is for consumers who need cash quickly. Perhaps they don't want to deal with the traditional application loan process. Or some issues prevent them from getting a conventional loan. These issues could include a lack of income or poor credit. With a hard money loan for your real estate investment, the emphasis is on the overall collateral. Most direct lenders focus on the total residential property value and down payment. Everything else, like closing costs and repayment schedules, is secondary. Another benefit of private cash loans is that they can bridge the gap between traditional financing. That's why you hear the term online bridge loans. Sometimes, a conventional funding source is not enough to secure the financing you need. A bridge loan or private cash financing can get you over the top.


Where can I find a hard money lender?

With our list of private money lenders, we break down which states offer these loans. Another thing to consider is the specific loan amounts each company offers. How much money are you seeking, and what are your preferred terms? Be sure your needs line up with what your specific lender can provide. Also, be sure your collateral is enough to secure private money financing. Remember, this is private money, not backed by a bank or traditional mortgage company. This type of financing is unique and often backed by real estate investors, not big banks. With an asset-based loan, you will see a much quicker underwriting process as you bring collateral to the table in case of default. Each company has quirky rules that may disqualify a real estate investor from being approved. We do our best to point out specific issues or restrictions for each hard money lender in our list.

Answers From Our Hard Money Lending Experts

Who provides the money for hard money loans?
How long does it take to close a typical hard money loan?
Do most private money lenders require an inspection?
What type of properties do direct hard money lenders work with?
What rates do most companies charge with a typical asset based loan?
Do I need a good credit score to be approved for financing?
What are other terms for hard money loans?
Who provides the money for hard money loans?

Most of these loans are issued by private investors. They can be a group of people pooling money together looking for a nice return on investment or a company specializing in private money lending. One thing to remember with this type of funding is that private money lenders aren't backed by a bank or mortgage company. They're putting up large sums of cash, and each firm has its restrictions and rules when it comes to the qualification process. Some private lenders can get you approved within one business day, but the downside is that you will always pay more in finance charges.

When looking for an online lender that suites your needs make sure they are licensed and regulated to provide private funding in your state. Most private loans aren't provided by mortgage companies and big banks, but the companies still need to be licensed. Working with a licensed provider of online bridge loans will ensure you're protected by regulations and rules of your state. Be sure to look for the individual lender's licensing information If you're submitting your application online.

How long does it take to close a typical hard money loan?

People use hard money loans because they need funding quickly. The lending environment in California is very crowded and companies will fight for your business to close a loan quickly. Unlike traditional mortgage financing, there's not a traditional underwriting process that takes weeks and sometimes months. Most private money loan companies want to make sure you have adequate collateral available in case the loan defaults. There's less emphasis on your credit report and past credit issues. As long as you have adequate income coming in from your property you should be in good shape. Most applicants that find a private lender will see a closing time that stretches out over a period of days instead of weeks. Applicants turn to hard money lenders because of benefits like a quick closing time. They know the rates will be higher and terms less favorable, but sometimes this is what you need to get fast cash.

Do most private money lenders require an inspection?

Most companies in our list of private lenders can typically process a hard money loan in days instead of weeks. But they will still need an inspection. We often see less emphasis placed on a physical inspection for real estate when talking about private investor funding. Often, inspection records and 3rd party appraisals can be enough in terms of a lengthy physical inspection. As with most types of financing, each company will have different terms and requirements to underwrite and fund direct loans. While many aspects of the funding process are done online, there are still some things required in person. Some lenders require a property inspection before all documents are submitted for processing. Check with your lender to find out if a physical property inspection is required in their lending process. Bottom line, most of the companies in our private money lender directory will need some sort of inspection.

What type of properties do direct hard money lenders work with?

Private money lenders in California work with various properties and projects as long as they know a deal is in place with profit to be made. Some companies focus primarily on single family residential loans only. Others are more diversified and handle large projects like commercial buildings and land projects. There are also short term loans available for fix and flip and rehab projects. Many of the best lenders will work with you to finance the most reasonable projects.

What rates do most companies charge with a typical asset based loan?

While most traditional mortgage companies charge rates of 6 - 9%, a private money lender will often be at 10 - 13%, depending on the risk involved. There are also the upfront points to consider. California companies will usually charge 2-3 points higher than what you typically see. We've seen rates approaching 20% here in California for high risk commercial property loans. Often in situations like these, the lender and applicant understand there is a significant risk and the fees are set by the private lenders.

Do I need a good credit score to be approved for financing?

That's one good thing about hard money lending. Good credit is not a necessary part of what you need to qualify with most financial institutions that provide these private loans. The rates are high because these companies aren't judging your creditworthiness on past credit issues or foreclosures. Most people who apply online will have already sent off their apps to traditional mortgage lenders. These companies often deny them funding because of low credit scores, a poor loan-to-value ratio, or past bankruptcies or foreclosures. As mentioned above, hard money lenders want to know that collateral is backing the loan.

What are other terms for hard money loans?

Simply put a hard money loan occurs when someone puts up money for a real estate project. These types of projects are often single family homes or large commercial properties. We often refer to hard money lenders as private money lenders as they're essentially the same thing. With this type of funding, you're not relying on a bank or commercial funder to offer funds for a project. Most of the online companies shown in our listing are smaller non bank organizations that rely on funds from private individuals. There are also companies in California that rely on funds from groups of people that pool their money together. They do this to see a higher rate of return that what would be typical with traditional investments.